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3 Keys to Year-Round Revenue in Tax Practice Management

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No one would argue—cramming a year’s work into 4 months has its benefits. First of all, it’s nice to start the year with a big wad of cash. It also feels really good to put up your feet and kick back by the pool after April 16th.

What do you do the other 8 months of the year besides spend down your account? If there were a way to generate year-round income would you be interested?

Well, there is. Actually, there are many! With just a little more effort, you could offer other services that would help grow your business and provide a continuous flow of income.

What other services you may be wondering? Glad you asked! Here are a few things you can do to pump up your bank account year round.




Bookkeeping might sound like a no-brainer—or you might already be doing it. However, you’d be surprised how many tax preparers miss out on this form of steady monthly income. It’s a good entry-level service to offer new clients and your relationship can grow from there.

Bookkeeping helps build rapport and trust so when tax season comes along, most clients will rely on you to file for them. After all, you already have access to their information.



Payroll Services

Most tax preparers are good with numbers. Many laypeople are not. By offering payroll services you provide a service businesses of any size require. And you also have one more opportunity to generate year round income. As with bookkeeping, you have another level of engagement, making it easier for your client to secure other services in the future.



Tax Resolution

One thing that sends a chill up the spines of most taxpayers (or delinquent taxpayers) is the IRS. They don’t have to be doing anything wrong. One letter can send them running for help before sunset. By letting people know that you can take their problem off their hands and intercede with the IRS on their behalf, you’ll be elevated to a status most tax preparers only dream about.

Why don’t ALL tax preparers offer tax resolution services?

Many don’t know HOW or where to begin. Some are intimidated by the IRS themselves. Others shy away because of the amount of work involved. Long hours and tedious back and forth emails and letters make tax resolution services unappealing.

What’s your reason?

If tax resolution were made easier would you be inclined to offer services to your clients? What if a software program could manage the process for you?

IRS Solutions has such a software program. We use it in our business and we make it available to you. Letters and step-by-step instructions are laid out with due date reminders, and check boxes.

All this along with access to monthly webinars is yours as a member of our program. Ready to hear more?

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