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7 Best Tax Resolution Software Tools to Impress Clients

Tax Resolution Software

You’ve got dozens of clients and they’ve all got different needs. Many financial and legal professionals have developed their own methods of managing tasks and deadlines to keep track of everything and get it all done on time. These quirky systems often involve multiple to-do lists, whiteboards on every wall, and sticky notes everywhere.

 Does that sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably learned the hard way that, while using a system like that might appear adequately functional, it’s actually an extremely precarious and stressful way to work. One slip-up and the whole thing comes crashing down. The experts who use IRS Solutions to manage their tax resolution department have found a better way. The best tax resolution software incorporates multiple reports and functionalities to streamline client services. Here are seven reports, functionalities, and tools that will help you save time and boost client confidence and satisfaction:

1. Transcript translation into simple-to-read reports

Familiarizing yourself with a client’s IRS history is a breeze when the records you need are just a click away. The powerful IRS Solutions API puts years of documentation at your fingertips. Access, download, and print all of your client transcripts in a matter of seconds, including:

  • Account transcript summary report
  • Collection Statute Expiration Dates (CSED) report
  • First-time penalty abatement eligibility report
  • Earliest dates for bankruptcy dischargeability report
  • Penalties & Interest assessed and accrued report 
  • Lien filed & SFR indicators report
  • Audit Monitoring report
  • Wage and Income transcripts for up to 10 years
  • Tax return transcripts for back years for up to 3 years

2. Bulk Transcript Downloads

Get ready to say goodbye to time-consuming one-by-one client status searches and the chaos created by a lack of timely updates. Every time you connect to e-Services through IRS Solutions, the ultra-fast API will connect with the IRS and notify you of any changes to your client transcripts. You’ll get push notifications of updates including possible audits, possible First Time Abatement opportunities, acknowledgment of CAF approval, warning that the IRS has certified a passport as seriously delinquent, and so much more...for all of your clients at once!

3. Automated Tools for Calculation

Remember when you used an adding machine or even a pencil and paper for computation? The calculator revolutionized accounting decades ago. Now, the IRS Solutions automated calculators are transforming office life for tax resolution specialists. Here are just a few examples of what the best tax resolution software can calculate for you:

  • Solutions recommendations (433 summaries) – The software will analyze options (installment plan, OIC, and Currently Not Collectible status) and will make a recommendation that you can share with your client.
  • Offers in Compromise – Use our built-in calculator to help you determine the figure that is both client-friendly and most likely to be accepted by the IRS. 
  • Bankruptcy discharge dates – Once you download your client’s IRS transcripts, the system will identify the earliest date taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy and will warn you of possible reasons the tax year may not be dischargeable.

4. Simple Solutions for Offers in Compromise

Guiding a client through the OIC process is a routine job for tax resolution specialists but the process is complex and success can be elusive. The acceptance rate of Offers in Compromise has hovered around 30% in recent years. While .300 might be a pretty good batting average for a ball player, it means that the odds are stacked against your submission to the IRS. You’ve got to do everything you can to increase the chances of a favorable outcome. 

With IRS Solutions, preparing Offers in Compromise is simple. The process can look like this instead of your cumbersome old system:

  1. Log in.
  2. Select the client from your roster.
  3. Select Offer in Compromise from the preset list of tasks. All the necessary steps are right there for you. Many of those steps, such as an Engagement Letter, Power of Attorney, and IRS Form 433 link directly to documents that are preloaded into IRS Solutions for you. All you have to do is complete the data input sheets (or get your client to do it through their personal portal that is included in the software) and the forms will be automatically populated for you. Plus you can easily switch from Form 433-A to Form 433-A(OIC) with a touch of a button. Don’t need all the steps this time? No problem. That task list can be individualized for each case.
  4. Add a due date and you’re done. Your task will auto-populate and you’ll see it in two places – in your client center and in your control center.

5. CSED Support

The IRS has 10 years to collect the balance due on a tax account. Data shows that the more time that goes by, the less likely it becomes that the IRS will take action. You can use this information to your client’s advantage, but you need to know that certain actions, such as submitting an OIC application, will stop the clock on those collection statute expiration dates (CSED). IRS Solutions calculates CSED expiration dates each time you download an account transcript. There is no additional cost for this service. It’s included in your membership fee. 

6. Elegant Communication

Understanding the forms and jargon around tax resolution is no problem for you but you’ve seen how overwhelming it can be for a client who’s already dealing with the anxiety of a tax issue. Serving clients in crisis means that tax resolution professionals do a lot of hand-holding. Instead of allocating this time to revenue-generating tasks, you end up spending it explaining complex IRS transcripts to stressed clients. IRS Solutions helps you share information with your client or their bankruptcy attorney by transforming transcripts information into beautiful built-in reports that are easy to read and easy to understand. Unlike some of our competitors, who charge extra fees for access to these reports, we include them in your monthly membership fee.

7. Client Portal

You aren’t the only one who can log in to IRS Solutions. Your clients will have login credentials of their own so that you can easily exchange information via our client portal, white-labeled with your brand at no additional charge. Clients can add information, complete forms, and safely upload sensitive documents, all protected by the Amazon Web Services government cloud (AWS GovCloud).

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