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Why Do Clients Procrastinate on Filing During Tax Season?

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In a little more than a week, tax season will be over. The waves of anxiety will recede and you’ll be left with a few piles to file, paper to shred and nothing but time on your hands for 8 months.

Uh, right. What about all those extensions?

Oh yeah, those. You know, all the clients who waited, avoided and procrastinated until they were out of time. They buried their heads in the sand like they do every year and now you have six months to get them up to speed with the IRS and their tax obligations.

Not such a bad thing—it’s income, right?

On the bright side, extensions lighten your workload during the first quarter and allow you to spread your income out over the next few months. Take a couple weeks off and then get back to business the first of May. It’s the same every year.

Here’s something to consider. Is the income from extensions enough to carry you through the year? What would it be like if aside from a few extensions you were able to generate a steady income year round? We do it and we want to show you how.

There are other products you can promote to your existing database as well as advertise to new clients. One of the most lucrative is the OIC.

We know, your first thought is, Ugh. I don’t want to deal with the IRS red tape.

Totally get it. Dealing with the IRS can be time-consuming and all that paperwork can drive you nuts. We’ve done it too—but we don’t anymore. We figured out how to expedite the process and put together a library of letters and forms to use as templates. And we use them over and over again. It cuts our workload to a fraction of what it once was and makes resolving OICs a turnkey process.

Interested? Grab our free pricing guide (below) and check it out. See how you can generate cash flow year round. It won’t make your clients with extensions go away, but it will make you less dependent on products and services with lower price points and bring in more income for the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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