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Your Complete Tax Resolution Solution From Signing Up Clients, to Compromising with the IRS, We Provide Your Resolution Practice a Full Solution.

21 January, 2017

The IRS recently sent an important reminder to all e-Service users letting them know that time is running out to revalidate your identity. In order to continue accessing your IRS e-Services account you MUST act quickly.   If you received a Letter 5903, the IRS is urging all tax professionals who...

12 January, 2017

  It’s right around the corner! Whether you’re ready for it or not, the 2017 tax season opens January 23rd for individual returns. How many tax returns does the IRS expect to be filed? Try more than 153 million!   There’s good news for taxpayers who need a little extra time to prepare. Because the...

1 January, 2017

Customer service is important to success in any business, including tax preparation. The main reason? Customers ARE our business! Tax preparers are fortunate in that our service-oriented business is not a one-night-stand industry. Our clients need us at least once a year, and if we’re wise, we...

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