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22 April, 2017

  In a little more than a week, tax season will be over. The waves of anxiety will recede and you’ll be left with a few piles to file, paper to shred and nothing but time on your hands for 8 months. Uh, right. What about all those extensions? Oh yeah, those. You know, all the clients who waited,...

4 April, 2017

Do your clients owe on delinquent tax bills? They probably do and as others have done for years… they skulk into a corner and ignore calls from the IRS. Oh, and they don’t open their mail either. If they don’t respond it won’t exist, right? Wrong. Denial doesn’t make overdue tax accounts go away. A...

4 April, 2017

Hide Money? Ah the infamous Swiss bank account…. Do people still hide their wealth? Yes, and it’s no longer just rich Americans who are stashing their cash off shore. Everyone else on the planet seems to like the idea. Gabriel Zucman, economics professor at UC Berkley, said last year that Swiss...

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