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25 July, 2018

IRS tax forms just get longer and more detailed, don’t they? Just when we become proficient, it seems things become more complicated. Well, not this time. The IRS is cutting the form 1040 in half. What? Yes, you read right. The new version delivers on a promise to simplify the tax filing process....

18 July, 2018

Three times in three years, and it continues to be modified annually: that’s how often the Internal Revenue Service has changed Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative Circular 230. This is the form tax professionals use to represent their clients before the IRS. Most...

5 July, 2018

The IRS has a message for tax preparers. They recently shared a concern about a rise in identity theft attempts against employers. The IRS is so concerned, in fact, that it is issuing advice directly to business owners. Don’t expect your clients to find out about this on their own. Many won’t. Step...

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