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Your Complete Tax Resolution Solution From Signing Up Clients, to Compromising with the IRS, We Provide Your Resolution Practice a Full Solution.

27 September, 2022

The Centralized Authorization File (CAF) is a database that the Internal Revenue Service uses to manage information regarding professionals appointed to act on behalf of others. The CAF number is not an authorization in and of itself. Rather, it identifies the file containing any legal...

20 September, 2022

There are many good reasons to consider adding tax resolution services into your practice. In addition to the satisfaction of helping your clients through a stressful situation and escaping the high-stress daily grind of tax preparation, tax resolution allows you to add an additional revenue stream...

12 September, 2022

Whether you’re a rockstar accountant or a rocket scientist, professional success depends on having the right tools for the job. For modern financial and legal experts whose practices focus on tax resolution, that means an investment in specialty software that will support your work seamlessly,...

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