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How to Get Tax Debt Relief for Your Clients

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Tax debt is no joke, especially to the Internal Revenue Service. If your client owes the IRS for tax delinquency, regardless of the reason, the IRS will not sit back and wait. Count on it to be aggressive in collection attempts.


What Methods Does the IRS Use to Collect Unpaid Taxes?

First of all, as you know, IRS problems do not go away on their own. In fact, if ignored, the problem just gets worse. Some of the methods the IRS uses to be sure debts get paid are penalties, liens, and in some cases, wage garnishments.


Are Taxpayers Just Negligent?

Why do taxpayers get behind? Taxpayers are not always negligent. They fall behind on taxes for various reasons. Personal problems are often behind a delinquency.

Tax issues can occur because of unexpected or worsening health concerns, marital problems or divorce, loss of job, or income reduction. When issues such as these arise a tax bill can quickly add up to an amount that appears to great to overcome based on a taxpayer’s assets and resources. The IRS will be relentless until debts are paid in full.


This is where you can help.


You can offer immediate relief to your clients with unpaid taxes by introducing different solutions that can help settle the amount of back tax debt your client owes the IRS. The Fresh Start Program and Offers In Compromise (OIC) are a couple of programs designed to help taxpayers who have fallen behind and can’t afford to pay what they owe on back taxes.

Tax debt is no laughing matter. All of your clients deserve to work with a company they can trust. Will you know what to do when they come to you for help? You don’t have to face IRS dealings unsupported. We’re here for you.



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