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Tax Season Stinks: How IRS Tax Pros Can Work Less

Tax Resolution Software

If you’re struggling to keep up with this chaotic 2020 tax season, you’re not alone. Just about every tax professional feels overworked and underappreciated around this time—but this year— it’s exponentially worse. New legislation coupled with the rising popularity of free online returns has exacerbated the problem to the fullest extent. What’s the solution? It’s time for all tax professionals to rethink their business strategy and learn how to work less for more. 

Chaos is the Tax Business

Tax pros are more stressed out than ever thanks to new and retroactive tax laws, congressional gridlock, and unpredictable state changes. Confusion over deductions, deadlines, stimulus payments, PPP issuance and ever changing laws abound. Even rules regarding bank loans seem to be constantly changing and more difficult to deal with. Confusing and complicated returns mean less time for additional clients—and less money in your pocket. 

Online Competition

To add insult to injury, more and more budget-conscious taxpayers are filing their own taxes online and the IRS is pushing hard for taxpayers to use their free filing program. In 2020, 4.2 million Americans used the Free File program for their 2019 taxes—that’s almost a 50% increase from the year before—and that number is expected to grow substantially this season. Many large private companies also offer free filing for simple returns and with so many options, taxpayers are becoming progressively more reluctant to pay simple tax filing fees. 

Harness the Environment and Transform Your Firm

With an increasingly unappreciative client base and a heightened demand for help with IRS collection issues, there has never been a better time to make a change and add tax resolution to your portfolio. 


“As time and frustration continue, more and more accountants are realizing there has to be a better way.” David Stone, Co-Founder, IRS Solutions


Becoming a tax resolution specialist and client advocate will lead to far greater fulfillment on the job, plus more freedom to enjoy the things you love outside the office. Tax resolution is a service your clients will truly appreciate and be glad to pay for. 

Here’s How to Take Control of your Future:

  • Get Educated – Focus your continuing education around tax resolution. This will help expand your knowledge and create a business plan to change your life. IRS Solutions offers education, support, and answers that give you the opportunity to grow— without the risk.
  •  Run with the Right Crowd  – Learn from the professionals around you. This will help you model your business plan around the success of others in the field, and form business relationships at the same time. Immerse yourself in a culture of professionals like the ones in the IRS Solutions Facebook Community to see what success in tax resolution looks like.
  • Charge More for Collection Cases – While tax returns are sometimes filed for as little as $200, tax resolution is much more profitable and can range anywhere from $500-$10000+, depending on your confidence level. Get that additional confidence by making sure you have the best tools at your disposal when you make the transition. Utilize the IRS Solutions pre-written letters, marketing tools, monthly webinars, and Pricing Guide to help you get the most value from your time.

The Benefits of Being an Advocate

The greatest benefit of becoming a tax advocate is that it allows you to work less for more—more money, more time, and more client appreciation. Today, as more people are filing their own taxes, more taxes are going to be filed wrong. This means that tax advocates will be in even higher demand. 

As a tax resolution pro, you will: 

  • Have a niche. By instantly becoming a specialized tax pro, you bring additional value to your firm. 
  • Grow your business even faster. Resolution laws do not change as quickly as they do in tax law, allowing you to pick things up quickly! 
  • Be happier in general. Creating more worth for your work allows you to take on less and still make more. This means more time for you to do the things you want to do. 


“Create a business plan to change your life instead of just taking on every new customer who walks through the door.” – Drew Foster, Co-Founder, IRS Solutions


IRS Solutions is here to support you and help you succeed.

Every month, IRS Solutions will notify you of industry changes, make form updates, provide you with new marketing materials, and support you in every way you need. It’s that easy to transform your business and your life. Just sign up for IRS Solutions’ step-by-step software today and you can immediately start working less for SO MUCH MORE. 

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