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Go Full Year and Expand Beyond Tax Time Resolution

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So … What’s Next?  

Of course, we’ll all be ready for a break after a dozen or more weeks of sleepless nights—not to mention blurred lines between daylight and dusk.


We’re All Exhausted And We’re Counting The Days.

Hang in there. Resist the temptation to head for the front door at 12:01 AM on April 17th. The last thing you want to do is walk away before you create a game plan that’ll prepare you for the next 9 months. Your earnings from this tax season will dwindle pretty fast if you don’t have a plan for generating income.

We know you’re burned out, and yes, you deserve a break. However, before you turn off your flashing TAXES DONE HERE sign, consider this:

One or two weeks off can leave a big gaping hole that can turn into months of unproductive dead time.


Are We Asking You To Give Up Your Break?

No way.

What we’re saying is this: devise a plan that will kick start your business when you get back to business as usual in the office.

Sigh. A plan like that sounds like a lot of work.

It’s really not. Investing a few hours of prep time NOW will pay off in huge dividends the rest of the year. (Hmm… sound familiar?)  


  Here’s A Great Place To Begin:

  • Go through your database. List the names of clients who will need help with resolving issues after the April 15th deadline:  Filed Extensions, Missed Appointments, Overdue Tax Bills
  • Have a stamped postcard ready to go out on April 17th to everyone who neglected to file or received letters from the IRS.
  • Follow the up postcards with a phone call from your office.
  • Book appointments.  
  • Answer all the letters that came in during tax season.
  • Send thank you letters to all clients you served during tax season and remind them to begin preparing for next year.
  • Offer an incentive for referrals.


These will be a good start in assuring income over the next few months.

After the dust settles, start thinking about how to continue the momentum through next tax season. If you’re not sure about services you can offer and be paid for, learn more.  


IRS Solutions Software Highlight For March

Penalty Abatement (Response Letters)

IRS Solutions Software gives you instant access to Penalty Abatement response letters. Whether it is the first time the client has been assessed a penalty or the client has a reasonable cause for the penalty, our software solution makes you an instant hero.

With an influx of more and more penalties, this means more work for you. Hooray! And the more time you save, the more money you can make.

No more wasting time looking for your letter templates and customizing them for each case. Quickly fill in the empty fields and generate your letter in less than 30 seconds! 


Members Only Benefits:

IRS Solutions Software gives you the confidence to provide services you may have been uncomfortable with in the past. Another benefit of membership is the training you get on our monthly case study calls.

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