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Customer service is important to success in any business, including tax preparation. The main reason? Customers ARE our business!

Tax preparers are fortunate in that our service-oriented business is not a one-night-stand industry. Our clients need us at least once a year, and if we’re wise, we inform them of ways we can be of service year-round.

However, this industry is also saturated. Success boils down to two things:

  • Whose voice is louder
  • Who provides the best customer service

Having a loud voice means putting in place effective marketing strategies, such as advertising, promotion and visibility. It can mean having the largest ads, but more important than that it’s branding. Get your name out there and keep it on the tongues of past and present clients.

That’s where providing the best customer service comes in. No matter how loud you scream about your business, your clients’ voices are louder. We operate in a heavily referral-based industry. If clients love you, they’ll tell everyone about you.

And if they don’t love you … they’ll tell everyone about you.

How can you institute a solid plan for customer service that will not only sustain but also grow your tax preparation business? Here are some things you can do.

Maintain a Good Reputation

Build your business on solid ground. Make sure your number one goal is to provide superior service. Make sure each client is happy and if issues arise, solve them quickly.

Create Amicable Relationships

When you provide superior service and clients enjoy working with you, they will have no reason to leave. Do your clients know you care? Show them by asking for their opinions. Send out email surveys or better yet, call them once in awhile to check in.

Stay in Touch

If clients have more reasons to work with you in between tax seasons, they’re more likely to continue working with you, and less likely to be wooed away by the competition. Hold quarterly webinars to educate clients. Send newsletters and inform them of tax news or offer tips.

Treat Clients Well

Be sure to hire staff that will treat your clients with respect. Everyone wants to feel important. Train staff in good customer service and phone etiquette. If your clients feel like cringing whenever they call, this will not be good for business.

Focus on good customer service in your tax business and you’ll not only hold onto clients for years, but you’ll be the first name on their lips when it comes to referrals.

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