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IRS Solutions vs. PitBull Tax: A Value Comparison

Tax Resolution Software


Many financial and legal professionals make tax resolution the focus of their work, and more are making the transition to this specialized field every day. According to the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a membership organization for tax resolution specialists, there were over 11 million taxpayer accounts in collections in 2020, with more being added all the time. The ASTPS says that accountants, lawyers, and IRS enrolled agents who work in tax resolution enjoy the abundant year-round income, uniquely challenging work, and the joy of working with grateful clients who really need their expert help. 

With an investment in dedicated software, tax resolution specialists can easily generate more revenue in fewer hours than their peers. As a financial professional, you know the value of a dollar better than anyone. Your acumen helps you expertly handle your clients’ money. Are you bringing that same level of scrutiny to your own finances? If you’re considering (or already using) PitBullTax to support your tax resolution work, you should know there is a better choice. We invite you to spend a few minutes exploring a side-by-side comparison with us.

How Much Does It Cost?

For any business, it all comes down to the bottom line. Let’s start there. An annual single-user subscription to PitBullTax including IRS transcripts delivery and reporting along with case management and billing will cost you $1,695. Membership in IRS solutions is only $1,290 per year. That’s a savings of $405. Even better, Pitbull charges $35.00 for their billing module whereas it's included with IRS Solutions. With IRS Solutions, you get all the necessary features and more at one lower price than you’ll pay PitBullTax

What Do IRS Solutions and Pitbull Tax Have in Common?

It’s common for competitors to want you to know what their product offers that others in the market lack. That’s why PitBullTax has devoted an entire page on their website to a comparison chart. It’s a good concept, but there’s something missing in their execution: accuracy. By our count, there are more than 30 errors in their understanding of what IRS Solutions offers tax resolution specialists. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to clear things up, the folks at PitBullTax have been spreading this misinformation online and at industry events for years. It's time to set the record straight.

The first thing you should know is that we’re not a startup or fly-by-night company. IRS Solutions has been a leading provider of tax resolution software since our founding more than ten years ago. Additionally, PitBullTax is telling prospective clients that we don’t offer many of the same services that they do. They’re wrong. IRS Solutions includes all of these features that PitBullTax offers and more and for a lower annual fee than the one you would pay them or some other competitors:

  • Integrated federal tax resolution forms
  • Auto-generated supplementary schedules
  • Easy and immediate switching between forms 433-A, 433-A(OIC), and 433-F with no additional data entry required
  • Integrated delivery and reporting of IRS transcripts
  • Daily alerts on important changes in clients’ account transcripts
  • Customizable transcript alerts
  • Fully customizable transcript reports
  • Penalty abatement eligibility calculations
  • Bulk transcript and CAF check requests
  • Comprehensive step-by-step workflow
  • Client Portal
  • Email client portal invitations
  • Scenario simulator
  • White labeling
  • Case management/CRM
  • Email correspondence with clients
  • Document management
  • Unlimited storage
  • API integration
  • Enhanced form preview
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

What Are Some Differences Between IRS Solutions and Pitbull Tax? 

Some of the key differences found between IRS Solutions and PitbullTax come down to four core distinctions:

1. Software Features Included in the Monthly Price

Why should you pay for something you need the most?  All of the features you need to successfully run your tax resolution practice are included in your subscription:

  • Transcripts: IRS Solutions gives you lightning-fast transcript monitoring through our API. In addition, it will provide you email notifications if there is a change in your client's transcript included in the cost, including alerting you to possible First Time Abatements, Passport Issues, and possible Audits.
  • Scenario Simulator: Know what the IRS is most likely to accept for an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, or if your client may fall into a Currently Not Collectible Status.
  • Task Management and Invoicing: Know exactly what steps come next with due dates, send an invoice, and receive payments. 
  • Payment Processing: We have partnered with  CPA Charge as your credit card processor.  They have the most reasonable fees that we could find.
  •  State Power of Attorney: As a tax resolution specialist, you routinely engage with the IRS on behalf of your clients. You can't do that without Power of Attorney forms and these forms differ from state to state. You’ll find over 20  of these critical documents built into IRS Solutions at no additional charge. 
  •  White Labeling: Every report and every letter sent to your client has your company logo.

As you can see not only does IRS Solutions offer more bang for the buck but also offers unlimited clients, unlimited transcripts, and unlimited solutions. Plus, IRS Solutions is the only software with reports meant to give to your client, making you look like a champ.

2. Customer Service

We offer a full-service membership program that is focused on the success of your business.  When you become a member, you not only gain access to our intuitive software but gain the knowledge, expertise, and help of experienced partners and a former Revenue Officer. If you have questions about the software or a particular case, we are available by email or phone. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 am – 5:00 pm PST.

3. Tools and Support to Drive Your Success

At IRS Solutions we care about you and the success of your business.  We only survive if you thrive. That’s why we offer so many supplementary resources to help you up your professional growth and to assist you with growing your business. This includes:
  • Marketing toolbox to assist you in getting new clients; including social media, letters, brochures, and templates.
  • CPE classes: You can receive 12 units of CPE per year.
  • Facebook Member’s Group: An active community of Tax Pros that is a great source for learning and sharing with your peers.
  • Resource Library: from guides on how to price your services to webinars of use cases, we provide a full library of resources relevant to your tax resolution business.

IRS Solutions Offers a Longer Trial Period

At PitBullTax you'll get a 7-day trial. We don’t think that’s long enough. Here at IRS Solutions, we want you to get to know all of the features of our powerful product. Our trial license for annual and multi-user subscriptions comes with a 30-day window for $7; giving your team all the time you need to explore the software and connect with our community of experts. We’re confident that once your 30 days are up, you’re going to want to stick around, just like our member Sam did. 

We know that each of these differences might not seem like much on its own.  But it adds up. Just imagine what else you could do with that time and money... 

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Sam Mabry, Founder/Senior Tax Account of Mabry Tax Advisory Group, is a returning member of IRS Solutions. She started with IRS Solutions, moved to Pitbull Tax, and is now back with us. Here’s what she had to say about why she came back:

“IRS Solutions gives the best customer service. Another reason we switched from Pitbull was their payment system compared to Pitbulls. The fees were cheaper and it is easier to use. We changed from Pitbull because we loved how the invoicing/payment CRM was built into the software. I did not have to pay an additional charge for this service. The beauty of having everything in one area was that it was cost-effective. Thank you again IRS Solutions for making the process of resolution easy and manageable.”

Find out why Sam and so many others have chosen IRS Solutions over PitBullTax. Schedule your free demo today.


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