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Your Complete Tax Resolution Solution From Signing Up Clients, to Compromising with the IRS, We Provide Your Resolution Practice a Full Solution.

25 September, 2020

You are well-versed at a variety of financial services ranging from bookkeeping and getting loans, to tax planning and tax resolution services. Yet, there’s a common misconception that accountants and other tax professionals only do taxes. This is because financial experts are reluctant to promote...

18 August, 2020

As 2020 continues, bankruptcy attorneys are gearing up for an especially busy season ahead. With 30 million people collecting unemployment in the US, it is estimated that over 7 million people are behind on their car payments, with 1 in 3 people unable to pay at least 1 bill. Our nation is facing...

30 July, 2019

Will bankruptcy eliminate tax debt? Falling into debt can carry heavy emotional and social burdens in addition to financial hardships. Different solutions exist and one viable option may be bankruptcy, but that too can be shrouded in mystery. Filing bankruptcy can discard some debts (referred to as...

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