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14 August, 2017

The right to appeal an IRS decision in an independent forum is one of 10 key rights guaranteed to taxpayers under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. As taxpayers attempt to resolve tax disputes outside of a court setting, the pleas heard by the Office of Appeals amount to no small number. Each year, more...

7 August, 2017

Did you know about this benefit for tax delinquent citizens who have been issued federal tax liens? We want to be sure you do because the IRS steps up in favor of taxpayers by easing their burdens with lien withdrawals. If taxpayers do their part, they can benefit by shortening the time between the...

28 February, 2017

Tax Returns of non-US Citizens: Heads up tax preparers! Don’t hide behind that sky-high pile of files on your desk this tax season and forget that the needs of your clients vary. For instance, carefully consider the detailed requirements of non-US citizens with taxable income. They may require...

2 October, 2016

This month, tax preparers must re-register  with the IRS and validate identities. This is being done to protect taxpayers against more sophisticated methods of hacking and identity theft.

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