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Your Complete Tax Resolution Solution From Signing Up Clients, to Compromising with the IRS, We Provide Your Resolution Practice a Full Solution.

24 June, 2021

After a tax season like the last, you deserve a serious vacation…like a ‘3 weeks in Cabo in a hammock’ type of vacation. But when you get back to your desk, shake the sand out of your socks because we’ve got a proposition for you. Expanding your practice to include tax resolution would not only...

21 July, 2020

As the IRS attempts to resume business as usual, departments that were shut down due to the pandemic are now faced with the repercussions of their absence. In fact, the IRS prepared over 20 million notices that couldn’t be mailed during the pandemic. When the floodgates open, months of paperwork...

24 June, 2020

Expanding your practice to offer tax resolution services is an exceptional way to bring in a new wave of clients and better serve your existing customer base. It also comes with the responsibility of getting the word out, and advertising yourself and marketing your new services might seem...

25 November, 2019

Without repeating the cliché about death and taxes, it’s safe to say that taxes will always be a part of American life. And while you’re already helping your clients to file their returns, if you’re not offering tax resolution services, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to grow your...

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