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Your Complete Tax Resolution Solution From Signing Up Clients, to Compromising with the IRS, We Provide Your Resolution Practice a Full Solution.

26 March, 2020

It’s official. The IRS has officially mandated an Offer in Compromise fee increase that will go into effect on April 27, 2020. Here are all the details you need to know to better understand the final regs and exemptions that may apply to your clients. 

25 June, 2019

If your client owes tax debt, an offer in compromise is a way to settle for less than the amount owed—as long as your client meets certain requirements. The IRS decides based on income, expenses, and how much equity your client has in various assets. They compare this to how much of the debt they...

31 May, 2019

A Taxpayer’s Income and Expenses In today’s economy, individual taxpayers and businesses alike struggle to make ends meet. Accountants work with clients of all walks of life who often owe larger debts to the IRS than they are currently able to pay. Qualification for IRS payment plans like...

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