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5 March, 2019

It’s all over the news—taxpayers are being taken by surprise and vocalizing their discontent over this year’s tax returns. Not only are some receiving refunds less than expected, but also some taxpayers are finding themselves needing to pay a higher tax bill than anticipated. There are taxpayers...

24 November, 2015

The deadline for having IRS Representation Rights and enrolling in the Annual Filing Season Program is fast approaching.  After December 31st, 2015 tax returns signed by non-credentialed return preparers will have no IRS representation rights if they do not participate in the program....

29 September, 2015

The IRS offer in compromise program has been revised over the past year.  It was revamped when the IRS announced the Fresh Start initiative in 2011.  Since then the forms have been changed a couple of times. Thanks to professionals that advocate for tax payers and tax resolution issues, we have...

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