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19 January, 2023

  Few words evoke the same level of dread in the hearts and minds of the average American than the words “IRS Audit” do. Just say them out can practically hear the same thumping dum-dum-dum-dum that accompanies the shark’s approach in Jaws! Composer John Williams has described those...

8 December, 2022

  In late October, the IRSannounced that it was time for all tax preparers to renew their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers. Here's a quick guide to the PTIN from the experts atIRS Solutions – what it is, why you need one, and everything you need to know about PTIN renewal – along with...

7 November, 2022

  Imagine this: you’re at a cocktail party, and someone asks what you do for work. You say, “I’m a tax pro,” and what do they envision? Chances are that your companion has an outdated idea of what a career in accounting entails. They might imagine you working long hours (evenings and weekends,...

11 October, 2022

  Tax resolution professionals know that one of the most important services they can provide their clients is proactive, successful negotiation with the IRS. In many cases, that means an Offer in Compromise (OIC). Like any agreement, a great OIC is one in which neither party entirely prevails but...

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