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18 April, 2018

Tax evasion, whether by legal or illegal means continues to threaten an already vulnerable tax system. It keeps getting easier to dodge taxes.   The result? Historically low levels of revenue. Put at risk is everything from our military preparedness budget to the already unstable social security.  ...

13 March, 2018

In a recent blog article, titled Change is in The Air, 3 Extensions  Covering 2017 Have Been Modified, we discussed IRS modified tax provisions for last year. They were all a part of the Budget Bipartisan Act of 2018 on February 9th, which renewed for 2017 a wide range of individual and business...

18 January, 2018

What? Haven’t you heard?   When calling the Practitioner Hotline the IRS is verifying the personal information of the power of attorney. As of January 3rd, the representative now needs to provide their personal social security number and date of birth, as well as their home address. This procedure...

17 December, 2017

  Are your clients ready for the inevitable IRS Notices stuffed in their mailboxes? Along with notices for delinquent tax bills, there may be liens, levies or worse. The IRS is working hard to collect what’s owed them and taxpayers are finding themselves inundated with notices and letters,...

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