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Why Do Wealthy People Hide Money?

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Hide Money?

Ah the infamous Swiss bank account…. Do people still hide their wealth? Yes, and it’s no longer just rich Americans who are stashing their cash off shore. Everyone else on the planet seems to like the idea.

Gabriel Zucman, economics professor at UC Berkley, said last year that Swiss banks still shelter about $1.9 trillion in foreign assets. This goes further than America’s Benjamin Franklins. The rest of the world’s wealthy is also adopting this strategy. The assets are not being reported in the owners’ home countries—and guess where they’re putting them?

Right. US banks.

First of all, although tax evasion is a crime in the US, there is nothing illegal about banks holding money for foreign patrons. That is unless they are intentionally luring them and helping them to hide money. But last year reports surfaced saying the US is one of a few places where active promotion of secret accounts remains.

Why the secrecy?

In some cases there is a legitimate need for concealment. In some countries—the US and Switzerland included—these confidential accounts hide wealth to protect against crimes directed at their owners. In some of their home countries the wealthy patrons feel safer parking their money away from home to protect against kidnapping or extortion.

Switzerland has long held the title as the worldwide capital of overseas banking. That may be replaced soon by banks under the star spangled banner. In countries where there is corruption, US bank accounts offer a layer of privacy they can’t get at home when trying to hide money.

If your wealthy clients hint at sheltering wealth abroad, advise against it. There would be nothing worse than losing your business and being charged with aiding in tax evasion.

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