Set and Discuss Pricing for Your Tax Services with Confidence

The Complete Guide to Tax Resolution and Audit Monitoring Pricing

Are you charging enough for your services? This guide is packed with a wealth of resources to help you set, discuss, and get the fees you deserve.

In this eBook, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand the key factors that should influence your pricing decisions.
  • Set a fee schedule that reflects the value you provide.
  • Have transparent, effective conversations with clients about their payment obligations.

PLUS: Full list of benchmark pricing and fees for various tax resolution services.

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Grow your practice, increase your profitability, and serve your clients more effectively with IRS Solutions® Software.

  • Enjoy year round revenue

  • Lightning-fast bulk transcript delivery and analysis

  • Branded Client Portal 

  • IRS Notice Response Templates

  • Audit monitoring and automated alerts of changes in transcripts
  • Case Analysis with resolutions acceptable to the IRS (OIC, IA, CNC)

  • Engage with our exclusive tax community and educational resources

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"Having IRS Solutions at my side has increased my representation revenues by over 50% while cutting down the time spent on such projects by almost 30%. Thanks IRS Solutions you’re the best."

Raymond Sawyer, EA, CTC
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