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Expand Your Service Offerings with IRS Advance Notice

Grow Your Practice and Provide Peace of Mind to Your Clients


Instead of having to wait for your panicked client to call you because they received a notice that the IRS has initiated an audit, you can know up to 6 months in advance; giving both of you time to prepare.

Get The Advance Notice You Need to Succeed 

How Does IAN Work?

Simple, One-Time Setup to Start Monitoring 

Once you’ve entered a client into your database, IAN sees into the IRS system, and then the software automatically alerts you to transcript changes.

With just a few clicks, you choose from the complete list of over 40 Transaction Codes (TCs) and select which notifications you want to receive for each client.

Those flags will give you the insights that your clients need to prepare for:

  • an audit defense
  • penalty and interest issues
  • avoiding passport revocation
  • under-reported income
    ... and more!

The best part is that you don't have to pay any extra fees to use this feature - it's included in your membership.

Grow Your Tax Business with IRS Advance Notice™ 

Generate more revenue for your firm! 

Use our Profit Calculators to see how much additional revenue you can gain by offering IAN's monitoring service to your clients:

There are two common ways that tax preparers charge for IAN:
  • Charge a flat fee per return. i.e. We charge $250 per year per return and $450 per business return.
  • Charge as a percentage of the total bill. We charge an additional 20% (I know some that charge between 12 and 30%) for IAN. 
    We have put together 2 calculators below so you can see which way will work best for you.

Percentage Method


Flat Fee Method


How IAN Can Improve Your Tax Business

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Advanced notice of IRS actions up to 6 months in advance will give you more time to gather documentation and possibly avoid penalties.

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 IAN is simple, automated, and fully customizable. Receive an automatic notification via email when there is any change in your client's transcript.


Boost customer satisfaction by giving
your clients a heads-up and the ability to start preparing well in advance.

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Choose from the complete list of 40+ Transaction Codes and select which notifications you want to receive for each client.


Members receive the IAN Marketing Toolkit: with client's orientation packages, certification badges for your website, letter templates and more. 

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IAN is included in your IRS
Solutions Software membership.
Here you can learn more about
other features and all additional benefits. 

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Find resources to garner advanced notice of IRS actions in advance and how this can help you grow your practice and provide peace of mind to your clients.


As a tax pro, you might be called upon to guide clients through several types of IRS audits. This can be overwhelming, but IRS Solutions includes a new way for you to help clients. 

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