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How to Get Tax Resolution Clients

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As financial stresses have risen in American households, many of your tax clients have put off dealing with IRS responsibilities in order to pay for more immediate concerns. But as time goes on, these IRS issues will compound, leading to more serious monetary trouble, marital strife, depression, and more. At this moment, tax professionals are in a unique position to help clients address their debt to the IRS and pave the road to recovery. Tax resolution not only brings relief to these families, but it comes with the added benefits of increasing your value and your bottom line. 

Seek Out Your Opportunities

To begin discovering tax resolution clients amongst your existing clientele, you must make it a priority to communicate all you do to everyone you do business with. That begins with not being afraid to ask leading questions. Asking clients about owed IRS balances for example, is the easiest way to segway into your tax resolution services. It’s equally as important to display signage and certifications prominently on your walls for in-person visitors. We also recommend partnering with accountants that don’t offer tax resolution and referring back and forth. Most importantly, take advantage of the Marketing Toolbox for IRS Solutions Software™ members which provides ready-to-use marketing in the form of pamphlets, social media posts, emails, letters, invoice stuffers and more.  

Build Your Network

Never take for granted the power of word of mouth advertising from your colleagues. Building a network of professionals who know you and your business can be a highly lucrative way of expanding your reach. Join the Chamber of Commerce, Facebook groups, and other networking agencies that can assist with cross-referrals. Use our Bankruptcy Attorney Letter to connect with local legal professionals and certified financial planners whose clientele can benefit from your services as well. 

Sell Yourself

Once a client is at the table, you need to give them reason to stay. Taxpayers need to know they are in safe hands when learning how to settle with the IRS. Being a small to mid-sized practitioner can work in your favor. Reassure potential clients by connecting with them on a real and personal level. That means being honest and direct and never overpromising; instead, provide caring, realistic solutions. You can further prove your professional strengths by publishing a book, a case study, or another resource and by maintaining a strong website that highlights your unique skill set. Last but not least, always partner with a professional tax software like IRS Solutions so that you have all the right tools for the job.

Understand Your Unique Value

When taxpayers are in a financial crisis, there is nothing more valuable than having a professional in their court. Your expertise is a game changer—remember to charge accordingly. Base your fees on your value as opposed to your time. Charge according to the knowledge you’ve accumulated and the education you’ve undertaken; as you gain experience, your fees should reflect that. While an experienced professional may take less time to resolve a tax issue, there is value in the time it took to gain that experience. Hourly fees often result in undercharging, so we recommend that you begin with a flat booking fee and build from there based on the unique case. Remember, not everyone is offering this service. By adding tax resolution to your portfolio of services you increase your worth and become a specialist within the field. 

IRS Solutions Software™ is a Support System

You’ve already got the customer base—each new tax resolution case is another opportunity to change lives, grow your practice and feel good about the work you do. IRS Solutions is here to help you help your clients in need. You don’t have to start from scratch. We have built a process and a methodology that will guide you with building your business. We promise, we’re much more than a tax resolution software. We’re your start-to-finish support system, 100% committed to your success.

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